Fort Des Moines Rangers

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Here is the Shooters Handbook

If anyone is looking for a place to stay the Quality Inn in Indianolais offering a special FDMR / CAS group a rate of $89.24 .

Who's gonna be there so far:

Ambler, Badlands Charlie, Bottleneck Bob, Cactus Clark, Cajun, Capt. Jim Midnight, Chancy Shot,

Chili Pepper Kid, City Slicker, Clay Thorton, Count Sandor, Cowboy Rick, Daisy Ann, Dimpled Darlin',

Doc Horseshoe, Evil Fletch, Flat Rock Kid, Frilly Kickers, Greasy Creek Slim, HalfFast Len, I B Missin,

Irish Pete, JB Kidd, John Wesley Hardin, Johnny Too Slow, JW James, Kalamity Horseshoe, Kat Rowdy,

K-Lyn Wolf, Lawdog Dago Dom, Lil Chico, Lion El' Jonson, Little Hermana , Marshall Morris,

Memphis Raines, Miss Shot, Missalotta T, Mountain Man Champ, Naildriver, Nick Aytch,

Old Man Grey Beard, Parson Remington, Partner, Partner's Partner, Pit Mule, Popcorn Kelly,

Rattlesnake Renae, Red Rider Ray, Rootin Tootin, Rusty Hammer, Sergeant Duroc, Shortcake, Surly Bob, Tennassee Whiskers, Tuco, Two Gun Papa, Whiskey Rick, Wicker Nash, Wild Lead, Will Dunn, Willie Mescal