​​​Please check out this great video that Popcorn Kelly did for our club at our May 2nd match

Coyote Gulch and the Fort Des Moines Rangers are proud to be the host of the

2022 SASS Iowa State Championship

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The November indoor shoot was held with 7 shooters.  We completed all 6 planned stages and a couple extra.  The overall winner was John Wesley Hardin. 

Please mark your calendars for out next indoor event on December 18th at CrossRoads. We will be starting at 8:00 AM and can have the range until noon.  In the past we have been able to get in 6 stages, but understand it could be less depending on how many shooters we have.  We will again honor a .22 caliber class for those that want to save on ammo.
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Proud to be American

Coyote Gulch  is home to the Fort Des Moines Rangers -- a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting club located southeast of Indianola, Iowa. Coyote Gulch is home to a group of people who, on a given day, find their selves rounding up cattle rustlers, helping the sheriff keep the bank robbers at bay, or just having a good time socializing. Come visit us at Coyote Gulch, a place where the present meets the past; where the action is fun for the experienced shooter, yet simple enough for those just starting out. A place where no one leaves a stranger.

Fort Des Moines Rangers